Thursday, August 09, 2012

It's Hard to Dance With the Devil on Your Back

It's been a rough couple of days, or weeks, or maybe I should just say years. I've been in the down part of my mood cycle lately. Motivation and determination have vacated the premises. Left to my own devices I've been sad some, mad more, and crazy all over the place. The children being the sensitive beings that they are, have tuned into the shift in my personality and responded with attitude, disrespect, and general unruliness.

Ah, the joys of motherhood.

They are not providing the only attacks on my mental well being. There is unrest everywhere in my world. Sickness and sadness and scares abound. Do I know anyone who is genuinely content at this moment? All those dearest to me are sad, mad, or worried. Health problems, home problems, heart (love) problems, problems, problems, problems.

 I just want to put on some brightly colored polyester clothing and run through Kroger singing a Broadway musical compilation and accosting innocent young stock boys with my blatant awesomeness. I want to find a dingy little hole in the wall club that plays my kind of music and dance for five hours straight until I cannot think of anything else, just the blaring sounds. I want to sit in the corner booth and flirt with the cook at Waffle House while he makes me a free omelet. I want to hang out in a small town coffee house and make magic with magnetic poetry. I want to stay up late with the Brat Pack and Boone's Farm.

All I wanna do is dance to Mr Jones.


FarmWife said...

I want to walk in on you dancing on the coffee table.

Anonymous said...

Turn it up; I'll dance with you.