Thursday, August 16, 2012

Why Can't We Be Friends??

I wish I knew why people fight. Just before bed last night my boys were in a doozy of a tussle. I sentenced them to bed and since the girl and I had only been pretending to be awake, we all turned in early. It was glorious. I could hardly believe I was in bed before 8:30. It was a beautiful dream come true, until I was rudely awakened.

No, the boys hadn't returned to the issue from earlier it was my upstairs neighbors..........................again.

I'm not a quiet person. I don't have a quiet family. We certainly do our fair share of yelling, albeit it is all well BEFORE midnight. It makes me angry when others cannot be so considerate. Last night, as the rumble above me continued, I became irate. I just wanted to scream, "She might totally be a f*%$@#!* w@&%$ , who knows, who cares! Just SHUT UP and GO TO SLEEP!!!".

I really don't understand this behavior. I was married and went through a divorce. We did not carry on like the couple above me. I wouldn't subject my children to that and what's the point? It doesn't solve anything. It only creates more problems, such as when your neighbors call the police because it seems a murder is about to take place. Just in case you're wondering, there is a child living above me also. She was away all summer and so not present for the previous nighttime activities. Now I'm a bit worried for her. Please don't start singing "My name is Lucca" to me.

The violent emotional storm that passed through really disturbed me. I could not go back to sleep. I looked up a video on Youtube which led to another and yet another. The videos led to looking up music which led to updating some playlists on Spotify. That ended with me listening to that music until the sandman arrived again. I woke up sore, tired, and still irritated. I think perhaps people suck.

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Kisama said...

Millage's Rule #5: It doesn't matter if she's a slut, it only matters if it's your turn.